Delivering top-tier wood components for almost 40 years!


Over the past three decades, SEATPLY has established itself as a leading and trusted curved plywood manufacturer across North America. Based out of Montreal, Canada, SEATPLY has been producing quality plywood seating components in both 2D and 3D veneers for the contract seating industry.

Now operating out of 2 state-of-the-art facilities in Montreal as well as a plant in Malaysia, in 2019 SEATPLY increased its production capacity by 25%. With over 50 radio-frequency and heat-induction presses, 12 5-axis CNC machines, it has a capability to produce and deliver large volumes of high-end 2-D and 3-D products to its clients.

Their experienced engineers, their competent manufacturing team, combined with their unequaled knowledge of curved plywood assure the realization of even the most complex projects making SEATPLY a forerunner in the industry.


It is SEATPLY’s mission to remain the preferred supplier of curved plywood to the contract seating industry in North America.


Being an industry leader requires hard work, dedication, focus and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. SEATPLY has a 30-year history of manufacturing quality molded plywood products by continuously investing and modernizing its equipment and technology to deliver excellent workmanship at competitive prices.

  • We work hard
  • We strive for continuous improvement
  • We are innovative and technical-minded
  • We are dedicated
  • We treat each project with complete professionalism and respect
  • We work as a team with our clients from conception to final product
  • We become partners with our customers by providing the best products and services at competitive prices

Social Responsability


SEATPLY recognizes the important role industry plays in protecting and preserving our environment for the present and for the future and is committed to being a leader by example.

SEATPLY was issued an FSC© CoC certification on November 2010. As such, we are committed to purchasing and using only FSC certified/controlled wood from responsible sources. The veneers we use come from logs harvested from legal sources. We seek evidence of compliance from suppliers that they are operating in accordance with the laws of their country. It is company policy never to use wood that has been illegally harvested, wood from genetically modified trees, wood from areas where traditional or civil rights are violated, wood from uncertified high conservation value old-growth forest, wood harvested in forest being converted to plantations or non-forest use.


As an industry leader in the manufacturing of molded plywood components SEATPLY strives to meet the following goals:

  • Minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible,
  • Recycling 100% all wood and metal waste,
  • Sourcing and promoting products that minimize the environmental impact of both production and distribution,
  • Minimize harmful emissions from our adhesives by using the lowest emission resins available on the market,
  • Minimize harmful emissions from our finishes by using only water-based products.
  • Minimize toxic emissions through the use of electric forklifts and hybrid cars.


SEATPLY, in its ongoing commitment to social responsibility has made an important donation to the Armenian Tree Project (ATP).

“ATP conducts vitally important environmental projects in Armenia’s impoverished and deforested zones. Since 1994, ATP has made enormous strides in combating desertification in the biologically diverse but threatened Caucasus region. More than 4.5 million trees have been planted and restored, and hundreds of jobs have been created in seasonal tree-related programs as well as backyard nursery programs.”

It is our pledge, at SEATPLY, to make our world a little greener for our future generations!

Our Partners

In 2020, responding to the growing demand of the market, Seatply acquired CMB Wood, a company manufacturing solid wood chair components. With this new addition of 40 employees based in Louiseville, Quebec, Seatply has become the complete solution for chair manufacturers.

Click here to visit the web site of CMB Wood

Kin Heng Timber

A Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement exists between SEATPLY PRODUCTS INC and Kin Heng Timber SND, BHD since 2005. This strategic partnership allows the two companies to share their expertise, technological advancements, and their resources and give each other territorial exclusivity.

Both companies have established themselves as regional leaders in manufacturing high-end curved plywood seating components. By sharing their knowledge and capacity, both companies expect to achieve continuous growth in the international market.


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