Our Processes


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Pressing Tools

We design and build our pressing tools in-house and optimize them to the client's specific requirements. This allows us a maintain the highest quality of the product.

We also offer our clients an extensive library of stock tools that can help them save time and money. With several hundreds of molds to chose from, we can get a project ready to move to production quickly and efficiently

Molding the Wood

We use one of 2 methods to cure the wood for our molded plywood.

Most upholstery grade parts and some of the large exposed grade panels are produced using Radio Frequency presses.However, for complexe exposed grade components such as one-piece shells, parts with multi-thickness and exposed-wood parts, we use Heat-Induction presses.This process requires more time but the results are unparalleled.

With 14 Radio-Frequency presses & 15 heat-induction presses in Montreal as well as 20 presses in Malaysia, we have the capacity to produce high-end products for our clients.

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Once the molded plywood panels are pressed, we machine them on one of our 9 state-of-art 5-axis CNC machining-centres. These sophisticated computer controlled routers allow us to produce a large variety of consistently uniform and concise upholstery and exposed grade components.

For mold-making and machining upholstery grade components, we use our Thermwood Model C-67 dual-end spindle routers and for exposed grade components requiring very high precision machining, we rely on our top-of-the-line Bacci machining centre, whose 4 spindle routers offer optimal precision and unmatched quality.

Final Touches

Each CNC router unit is part of a lean-cell where a team of skilled workers machine and sand the parts, install the metal inserts and take care of minor assembly. These units work precisely and efficiently to produce top quality products for every order.

After these final touches are done, the parts coming out of these cells are usually ready to be shipped directly to the clients.

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As an added option to our clients, we offer a full finishing service. Our automated finishing line is used to stain, seal and top coat exposed grade seats, backs and shells using 100% water-based products that are safe for the environment. Clients are also welcome to use our expert color-matching service.

Our state-of-art finishing line offers our customer an end product that is unparalleled in quality and beauty and sure to please.