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By conceiving highly inspirational designs, CMB Wood, a 100% Québec-based company founded in 2001 by Ms. Brigitte Bouchard and Mr. Michel Paillé, is proud to be a pioneer in wood components.

CMB Wood is synonymous with excellence. By using the most modern techniques to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of their manufacturing process, and by invest in making their tooling centers as sophisticated and technologically advanced as possible, CMB continues to meet the growing needs and requests of their clients and to create reliable products with high added value.

In 2020, in response to the growing demand of the market, Seatply acquired CMB Wood, in order to create a North American giant in both curved plywood and solid wood chair components and offer a more complete solution for their clients.


CMB Wood's mission is to provide clients with high-quality seating solutions that offer long lasting comfort with no compromise on design.


Strong Business Relationships

CMB Wood creates and maintains strong and exclusive business relationships with its partners. CMB Wood focuses on its clients’ challenges and meets their needs with rigor and speed—all while offering custom services that honor its tradition of excellence.

Market Leadership

CMB Wood maintains its position as a leader in the market by offering durable and high-quality chairs and stools as well as developing custom products that precisely meet the strict criteria of their discerning and invaluable clientele.

Modern Equipment

CMB Wood remains on the cutting edge of the industry by constantly renewing its equipment, technology and manufacturing processes.

Products & Services


CMB Wood designs and manufactures a wide range of finished and unassembled seating solutions as well as seating components to offer its clients maximum capacity.

The fine craftsmanship and ingenious thinking make CMB Wood's commercial products precise, reliable and strong. Their accurate and automated digital manufacturing (CNC) maximizes tooling and use of materials and their perfect and uniform assembly creates chairs that are both beautifully designed and built to last.

CMB Wood's state-of-the-art machinery and renowned know-how ensure reliability and precision in every piece that they manufacture. Each component is assembled with the greatest care to offer the quality of hand assembly and the consistency of mass manufacturing.


CMB Wood offers a wide range of product development services for any project -from the simplest to the most complex. At CMB Wood offers the following services: 3D drawing conception from A to Z blueprints design engineering cost saving solutions CMB Wood hardwood craftspeople master all aspects of hardwood as material ideal for seating—from the design to the initial structure and assembly to robustness over time. With CMB Wood, you’ll benefit from: optimized production processes systematic application of BIFMA standards long-lasting PressFit mortice and tenon assembly 10-year warranty on components and finished products There is only one seating manufacturer that provides the quality materials and assembly required to create stunning and comfortable atmospheres!


Discerning clients entrust their seating to CMB Wood. From sketching to delivering a high-quality finished product, CMB Wood dedicates their expertise to every clients ideas and help them make a beautiful, long-lasting design. CMB works closely with their clients to deliver impeccable seating solutions aligned with their needs.

CMB Wood’s commitment to a job well done is only matched by their dedication to their clients.

Our Partners

Over the past three decades, SEATPLY has established itself as a leading and trusted curved plywood manufacturer across North America. Based out of Montreal, Canada, SEATPLY has been producing quality plywood seating components in both 2D and 3D veneers for the contract seating industry.

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Kin Heng Timber

A Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement exists between SEATPLY PRODUCTS INC and Kin Heng Timber SND, BHD since 2005. This strategic partnership allows the two companies to share their expertise, technological advancements, and their resources and give each other territorial exclusivity.

Both companies have established themselves as regional leaders in manufacturing high-end curved plywood seating components. By sharing their knowledge and capacity, both companies expect to achieve continuous growth in the international market.

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